GetSET Directors are all volunteers and committed to the mission of showing high school girls the value of science and engineering. The GetSET program also has a large number of volunteers who are also GetSET Alumni!


Jeannie David, GetSET Program Director / SWE-SCV Outreach Chair

Project Engineer

Jeannie has been working in the IT field for 20 years and volunteering with GetSET for the last 8 years, the last 5 years as volunteer/curriculum coordinator. She believes that GetSET offers girls the opportunity to explore the sciences in a truly supportive environment. Jeannie leads the solder workshop for seniors as well as volunteering with other technical workshops. This is her first year as program director and she is looking forward to the challenge of leading this amazing program and working closely with the program sponsors, volunteers & participants.


Lorie Laird, GetSET Director of Curriculum

Mechanical Engineer

Lorie has been a volunteer with GetSET for over 15 years. She believes that every girl should have the opportunity to try out engineering. Lorie is leading up the curriculum development and schedule for GetSET, making sure that the girls get introduced to a variety of engineering workshops and schedules workshops. Lorie has also been responsible for coordinating with the hosting university, including procuring room and board for all attendees and counselors, reserving locations for special events during summer week, and notification of workshop schedule/requirements.


Pam Schulz, GetSET Director of Students Recruitment & Registration


Pam has been a volunteer with GetSET for 5 years and for the last few she has been doing an amazing job as our recruiting director.

Liz Balmores Vo, GetSET Director of Marketing / Social Media

Biomedical Engineer, Quality Engineer

Liz is responsible for content released in all of GetSET's social media outlets. Liz has led and volunteered for STEM outreach programs for years. She is passionate about inspiring the younger generation to pursue a career in science and engineering. She learned about the GetSET program through the Society of Women Engineers - Santa Clara Valley section and knew in an instant that she wanted to be involved. She is excited to work with high school students in the GetSET program and optimistic that the future will have more women engineers!


OPEN, Director of Fund Development

The Director of Fund Development helps solicit grants from organizations eager to support our cause.


Minette Valdes, Director of Counselors

Minette is not only an Aumna of the GetSET program she currently has one daughter participating in the program and one who Graduated in 2017.

Vanessa Arellano, Alumna Director / Head Counselor

Biomedical Engineer, Student

Neta Retter, Director of Logistics

The GetSET Council would like to recognize the support of past GetSET Directors, a few of which are noted below:

Linda Sorauf

Computer Science Engineer

Linda has been a volunteer with GetSET for over 15 years. She is amazed at the high level of interest that girls show for engineering once they are engaged in engineering hands-on activities. She is dedicated to helping the new leadership with fund raising activities for GetSET.

Alice Callen

Mechanical Engineer

Alice has been a volunteer with GetSET for over 20 years, including 5 years as program director. She loves sharing the excitement of engineering with the girls. Alice leads a mechanical workshop and recruits volunteers. She assists with curriculum development, fund raising activities, and acts as advisor for the GetSET program.

Julie Cardenas

Julie was a GetSET counselor herself and a GetSET volunteer. She provides counselors with the training and leadership skills they need so that they can chaperone and counsel the GetSET program participants. She puts safety and responsibility first, and ensures that everyone has fun along the way.

Arleen Cardenas

Civil Engineer, Math Teacher and GetSET Alumni

Arleen was the Director of Student Recruitment and Registration for more than 10 years and is now taking on a new role as Director of Metrics and Retention. Her main role is to track the impact and progress of our GetSET students. Arleen is the first from her family to go to college. She currently works at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, an educational non-profit that helps underrepresented students achieve proficiency in Math and raises their motivation to go to college.

The GetSET Council relies heavily on the support of our founders, key advisers and the Society of Women Engineers-SCV members, a few of which are noted below:

Pat Richards

Nancy Nelson

Esther Heller

Susie Henderson