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Meet The GetSET Committee


Jeannie David

GetSET Program Director

Currently Employed as a Project Engineer, I've been working with the GetSET program since 2005 and a Member of SWE since 2013.  I am passionate about Empowering Girls, Outreach and STEM.  Join Me!


Lorie Laird

GetSET Curriculum Director

Laurie is passionate about STEM and encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers.  She has been involved from the program since nearly the start and she continues to strive to keep the Curriculum engaging and current.


Laura Patel

Fund Development Director

I received a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Georgia Tech and i am have worked for more than 10 years as a Process Engineer for Fluor, designing chemical plants for the mining and biotech industry.  I am a 15 year SWE volunteer veteran, currently leading our Fund Development Team at SWE SCV.


Pam Schulz

GetSET Recruitment Director

In 2016 I retired from a very rewarding career at Lockheed Martin as a project manager in Information Technology.  I wanted to do something equally rewarding in retirement, so I volunteered as Director of Recruitment for SWE GetSET.  I love working on the application process with the new students and their parents and school counselors. 


Vanessa Arellano

 GetSET Counselor Director & GetSET Head Counselor

Vanessa is a past GetSET grad, pursuing a biomedical degree at SJSU.  She has served on the counsel since her graduation and as Head Counselor for several years.


Shalom Marquardt

GetSET Volunteer Coordinator

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Neta Retter

GetSET Logistics Coordinator

I'm a hardware engineer with many years of experience designing circuit boards.  My love of problem solving, math, and logic puzzles led me to a career in engineering.  I enjoy teaching especially introducing engineering concepts to diverse groups of people.  I believe that many people could have great careers in STEM.  Early encouragement and exposure to STEM can help plant that seed. 



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