Bike Dissection

Get down and dirty in this workshop! You will learn a little about bicycle design and how all of its mechanical parts work together to get you to fun places!  You will work in small teams to dissect a bike, put it back together, and then ride it - if you dare!


This workshop entails some scientific laboratory experiments in the field of biology. You will utilize a lab technique called chromatography to observe some characteristics of plants. You will also learn some basic information about cells, and then extract DNA from some cells. You will be able to take home the results from these experiments.


This workshop entails some scientific laboratory experiments in the field of chemistry. Participants will learn about the pH scale used to characterize acids and bases, and will use a chemical indicator to measure the pH of a variety of substances. They will also learn some basic information about polymers, then create a polymer on which to perform some experiments

City Planning

Plan the city of the future! What would your ideal city look like? How would you solve the problems of transportation, clean water, and green spaces? In this workshop you will and your group will be able to decide how your city is organized using scaled down objects. You will then give a presentation of your city and how you decide to run it.

Design for Reality

In this workshop you will be able to use your creative side to design and a built scaled down version of a bridge. Using your understanding of physics you will have to work with your group to come up with the best design to make your bridge stand on its own using the materials provided in the workshop.

Marble Mover

Amaze yourself by building a robot that will carry a marble and lift into a "house".

Medical Devices

Help your team's "patient" recover from wounds using medical devices you create.


Build, test and troubleshoot your very own radio. Listen to your favorite station!

Robots and Sensors

Participants use Arduinos, breadboards and computers to turn on lights, make music or control a car.


Learn how to solder an electronic kit together and make an alarm, a sensor or LEDs that flash to sound!

Water Filtration

How would you handle a broken underwater pipeline? Participants learn the importance of clean water. They break into teams to brainstorm, design, build and demonstrate their filters which are evaluated on speed of filtration and water clarity. The groups with the fastest filter and the clearest water explain their designs