In Santa Clara County only 25% of bachelor degrees in math and 22% of bachelor degrees in engineering are conferred to women. Almost 20% of girls in Santa Clara County do not graduate.

"In 1984, more than 37% of computer science bachelor's degrees in the United States were awarded to women. By 1995, the figure had dropped to about 28.5%. The latest U.S. Department of Education figures from 2011 put the number at 17.6%." - Mike Cassidy, San Jose Mercury News

In the end, without the encouragement and exposure to computing that boys often get, girls start behind when it comes to computing and often don't get what they need to catch up late in the game.

The difference is, females in general are much more interested in what you can do with the technology, than with just the technology itself, Harvey Mudd President

A recent study released by Raytheon sheds some light on why millennials aren't considering careers in cyber security, 82% indicated they have never even heard of such opportunities from high school teachers and guidance counselors. No wonder a disappointing 14% of young women cited any level of interest in a cyber career.

1,148,000 California STEM Jobs to fill for 2018
STEM interest among female high school students in California is decreasing at a lower rate than the national average - California's Federal R&D and STEM Jobs Report 2013

Investing in women and girls is highly effective strategy for creating social change.

Women are faring better, academically, than ever before. The majority of college graduates (57%) and master's level graduates (60%) are women, and nearly half (48%) of this country's work force is comprised of women. Generation STEM Girls Scout Research Institute